Travel Insurance For Groups

Best Travel Insurance for Groups
Best Travel Insurance for Groups

When it comes to travelers and travel, the more the merrier!

If you’re traveling in a group, it’s a good idea to look into the advantages of purchasing a group travel insurance plan that covers everyone vs buying a plan for each individual in the group.

Group Plans score over an individual plan on the cost and there are other advantages worth considering. The benefits of the group travel insurance plan over individual insurance plans are discussed in this article.

Comprehensive Travel insurance is recommended if you travel with more than one person and travel to different countries. A comprehensive travel insurance plan offers better group coverage as compared to a limited benefits plan.

Medical insurance covers group travel if you travel on scheduled group tours to international locations and a few other scenarios. It’s good to know how travel insurance works.

Group cover should be purchased by individuals who are traveling on the same itinerary as 10 or more other people. Similar to an individual plan, group insurance covers ten or more travelers under a single policy, some plans start at coverage for a minimum of 5 people.

Plans for comprehensive group trip insurance offer a wide range of coverage that gives travelers peace of mind. Read about the top 10 reasons to buy travel insurance.

Policies for group travel are beneficial for:

  • Large groups traveling on the same schedule
  • Travelers seeking basic protection
  • For groups that would find it convenient to purchase one plan

Why Is It Important To Purchase Travel Insurance For A Group?

It is important to purchase travel medical insurance coverage for groups because of the following reasons:

  1. Covers Emergencies:
    • Emergencies can happen at any time, so it’s a good idea to get 24-hour medical evacuation coverage while traveling. Group travel insurance policy coverage may offer both emergency medical coverage and medical evacuation.
  2. Covers Personal Property:
    • Insurance for group travel should cover personal property in addition to health issues. For instance, baggage and other personal items should be covered by insurance in the event of loss or theft. Finally, group trip insurance should shield travelers from expenses incurred due to cancellations, delays, or other unforeseen events.
  3. Cost Effective:
    • This kind of insurance is a relatively inexpensive and simple option to receive protection before a trip when a traveling group consists of five or more persons who are traveling to the same place together. One policy covers the entire group, saving time and the inconvenience of having to obtain separate coverage for each member.
  4. Covers Everyone in the Group:
    • Every passenger is covered to the same extent, and some group policies offer extra benefits. Frequently, group insurance is affordable, especially for older passengers or kids traveling with responsible adults. While rates vary depending on the journey, they are primarily determined by age, distance traveled, and cost. The overall cost is split among all participants, which can greatly reduce the cost per individual.
Quote, Compare, and Buy Travel Insurance
Quote, Compare, and Buy Travel Insurance

What Does Group Travel Insurance Cover?

It is advisable to buy a comprehensive plan as compared to a limited coverage plan that covers the following to help protect your group from losing money put down for the trip due to unforeseen incidents.

  1. Trip Cancellation

In the event that you are unable to go because of an issue covered by the policy, trip cancellation insurance may be able to fully pay you for prepaid, non-refundable expenses.

For instance, if you get seriously hurt before your trip and have to cancel, all of your pre-paid trip expenses including airline, hotel stays, or extras like sightseeing tours will be reimbursed in full.

  1. Trip Interruption  

If an emergency forces you to return home while on vacation, trip interruption travel insurance will cover the cost of your ticket home and reimburse you for any non-refundable payments you’ve made in advance for missed activities.

  1. Travel Medical Coverage

If you are sick or hurt while traveling, travel medical insurance may be able to help with the expense of your medical care. Read more about the benefits of travel medical insurance.

  1. Emergency Medical Evacuation

In case of medical emergencies, emergency medical evacuation travel insurance can cover medevac costs. Some plans extend emergency medical coverage up to the policy maximum limit or may have a pre-defined limit. For instance, if you contract a serious sickness while aboard a cruise ship and if it becomes life-threatening, the plan may cover your transportation to the nearest medical facility.

  1. Baggage Insurance for Travelers

Up to the limit specified in your policy, baggage insurance can pay you back for the depreciated value of your lost, stolen, or damaged luggage as well as personal belongings.

You can get coverage for delayed baggage as well. The amount of time that your policy will cover baggage delays will be mentioned.

Best Travel Insurance for Groups

Group Insurance Requirements

Teams of 5 or more can typically purchase a single policy to cover the entire team on a trip with group coverage.

A group must consist of at least 5 individuals who are traveling to the same destination and have the same travel dates in order to qualify for travel insurance coverage for a group.

Please note that the terms may differ as per plans and specific conditions from the insurance company, read the policy document carefully. Some group travel insurance plans may need a higher number of people in the group to qualify.

How Much Does Travel Coverage For A Group Cost?

In general, the cost of a comprehensive group policy ranges from 4 to 10 percent of the price of your trip. A general guideline for travel medical alone coverage would be less than $10 per day for each passenger. Generally, the insurance covers 4-5 percent of your trip.

A comprehensive package for the family cruise will also include medical, evacuations, baggage, and transportation costs of $25,000 for each family. It’s quite an expensive business risk to insurance and the insurers are going to pay a higher price. Using medical care for only one of these trips is likely to reduce financial risks and thus reduce premiums.

Comprehensive plans are more expensive because they cover medical emergencies and your total trip cost. An all-inclusive package would pay for the large family’s travel costs as well as any medical expenses, evacuations, lost luggage, and delays. Because the insurance provider is taking a significant financial risk, they must charge more. The same trip would have a much lower premium and less financial risk if it was just for medical purposes.

What Are The Best Group Travel Insurance Plans?

When planning a vacation for a group, insurance for the group should be taken into account and given priority.

This will shield you against financial loss due to postponed travel plans, overseas medical crises, delays, and a variety of other calamities. Some of the best group travel insurance plans we would recommend are as follows:

  • Best group travel insurance plan for up to 10 travelers: Worldwide Trip Protector by Travel Insured International
  • Best group travel insurance plan for 10+ travelers: RoundTrip Group travel insurance coverage by Seven Corners
  • Best group travel medical plan for 10+ travelers: Liaison Travel Plus Group travel insurance policies by Seven Corners

Tell Me The Difference Between Individual Travel Insurance And Group Travel Insurance Coverage.

Some policy types offer greater choices like higher limits and upgrade options. If you require specialized coverage, a travel insurance program may be the most suitable solution for you. According to the destination, high limits of emergency medical coverage may be beneficial. The majority group plan does not have a benefit limitation option.

Since age is not taken into account when calculating premiums as it is for individual plans, some group travel insurance plans may be less expensive than individual coverage. Instead, the cost of the entire trip and the number of travelers determine the pricing of group plans.

While age is not taken into account when determining the cost of group travel insurance plans, some do impose age restrictions for coverage. For instance, the Roundtrip Group plan from Seven Corners covers travelers up to age 69, while the Liaison Travel Plus Group plan from Seven Corners covers travelers up to age 74.

Is Covid Coverage Included In Group Travel Insurance Policies?

If you are worried about how Covid will affect your vacation, make sure you choose a plan that includes coverage for trip cancellations and medical expenses due to Covid-19.

Covid-related charges are covered in the same way as other medical costs by certain insurance companies, but not all. It’s crucial to thoroughly study the terms and conditions of your policy, and if you have any issues, call the travel insurance provider.

If the policy does offer benefits for Covid, it will often pay for trip cancellations, Covid-related medical costs, and expenses if you need to isolate yourself after a positive test.

If you are concerned about a rise in Covid at your destination and want to cancel, but your policy doesn’t cover pandemic-related difficulties, you would need to upgrade to a “cancel for any reason” policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a group insurance plan better than an individual insurance plan?

If you’re traveling in a group, it’s a good idea to look into the advantages of purchasing a group travel insurance policy that covers everyone instead of buying an insurance plan for each individual in the group.

Similar to an individual plan, group insurance covers ten or more travelers under a single policy. Plans for comprehensive group trip insurance offer a wide range of coverage that gives travelers peace of mind. 

Does group insurance cover multiple people?

Yes, group insurance covers multiple people. You and your groups can be insured by the same policy if you are planning to travel to the same destination in groups.

When should you buy travel insurance as a group?

You should consider purchasing group travel insurance if you are traveling in groups to the same destination where each individual will be covered for unforeseen circumstances during traveling.


We hope our article has helped you understand why insurance is essential while traveling.

Group coverage protects everyone in the group and it is worthwhile to consider the benefits of group insurance.

Safe travels!