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Types of visas to visit USA


The B1-B2 visa for USA falls under the nonimmigrant visa categories for tourism, business, or medical treatment visits to the United States of America.

If you wish to apply for parents B1-B2 visa for USA in order for them to travel to the United States for tourism or to visit family members this article will help you.

Here is an expanded list of USA Visa Types.

For those who are currently residing in the United States and are considering inviting their parents to visit them in the USA, this complete guide to parent visitor visas will be of help.

Visa Type B – Visitor Visa And Business Travel

The B1-B2 visa for USA is a short-term non-immigrant travel visa.

B1/B2 Visa
B1/B2 Visa

B-1 visa holders typically have business reasons to visit the United States:

  • B-1 visitors can travel for business meetings or communicate with business associates
  • B-1 visitors can attend scientific, educational, professional, or business conventions
  • B-1 visitors can travel for a business conference
  • B-1 visitors can settle estates, or negotiate contracts.

The B-2 visa holders are recreational travelers to the USA:

  • B-2 visitors can travel for tourism
  • B-2 visitors can be visiting family or friends
  • B-2 visits can be for medical treatment
  • B-2 visits can be for fraternal, social, or service-oriented activities

B-1 and B-2 visas are usually combined and issued as a single B-1/B-2 visa stamp in the passport. It is issued to travel from a foreign country to the United States. The B1-B2 visa for USA is usually of 10 years validity.

Qualifications OR Eligibility Requirements

Applying for a B-1/B-2 visa? It is important to establish your eligibility for a visa to the consular officer. Act of Immigration and Nationality (INA).

According to section 214(b) of the INA, every B-1/B-2 applicant is presumed to be an intending immigrant. This is a legal pre-supposition.

You must dispel this by demonstrating:

  • That you are visiting the United States temporarily for purposes
  • Temporary purposes like tourism, pleasure, or medical treatment
  • That you intend to remain in the United States for a limited amount of time
  • Documentation demonstrating sufficient finances to meet your costs for a USA trip
  • That you have a residency outside the United States and other social or economic ties that will guarantee your return to your home country at the conclusion of your visit

Personal or domestic employees and crew members working on vessels within the Outer Continental Shelf may be eligible for B-1 visas under specific conditions.

Visa Application Process

When applying for a business/tourist visa, provide the following documents:

  • DS160 Form: Electronic Nonimmigrant Visa Application Form (Form DS-160)
  • A valid Passport for travel to the United States.
  • Passport validity date of 6 months beyond the desired length of stay (country-specific agreements provide exemptions)
  • Photo: 2″x 2″ (5cm by 5cm) image shot within the previous six months
  • Paid Visa Fees Proof: A proof demonstrating payment of the non-refundable, US$160 application processing cost in local currency
  • In addition to these documents, you must also produce a note indicating that you scheduled an interview through this service
  • Additionally, you may bring any supporting documents you believe are necessary to substantiate the information presented to the consular officer

Going through a guide on possible interview questions helps you prepare for a visa interview.

How To Apply For B 1-B 2 Visa for USA:

Step 1 – Form DS160

Complete the Electronic Nonimmigrant Visa Application Form (DS-160 Form)

Step 2 – Visa Fees

Pay the application fee

Step 3 – Appointment

You can make an appointment on this page by providing this information:

  1. Your passport number
  2. The CGI reference number is located on the Visa Fee receipt
  3. The 10-digit barcode number is on the confirmation page of your DS-160 form

Step 4 – Visit the American Embassy or Consulate

On your visa interview date and time, you must visit the American Embassy or Consulate where you have scheduled your interview.

List of documents to carry for the interview:

  • a printed copy of your appointment letter
  • your DS-160 confirmation page
  • a photograph clicked within the past six months, and
  • all of your passports, including your current and previous ones

Applications lacking these documents won’t be accepted

B1-B2 Visa for USA, Fingerprinting

As part of the B1-B2 visa for USA interview, the U.S. Embassy takes the applicant’s fingerprints. Fingerprints will be obtained in inkless, digital fingerprint scans.

Complementary Documents

In your interview, a consular official will consider a variety of issues, including supporting documentation.

Consular officers evaluate each application individually, taking into account professional, social, cultural, and other aspects.

Consular authorities may consider your individual goals, family circumstances, and long-term plans and prospects in your country of residency.

Each matter is evaluated separately and accorded all legal considerations.

B1-B2 Visa for USA, Caution:

Providing fraudulent and/or false documents is of high risk. It can lead to a permanent visa denial. Providing falsified documents is visa fraud and misrepresentation.

If privacy is of concern, the petitioner can take the documents to the United States Embassy/Consulate in a sealed envelope. The U.S. Embassy will maintain the confidentiality of this information and will not make it available to anyone.

Please take supporting documents to your interview. Original documents are preferred:

  • Current evidence of income, tax payments, ownership of property, or financial assets
  • Your travel itinerary and/or other details regarding your vacation
  • A letter from your employer describing your job, salary, length of employment, any approved time off, and, if applicable, the purpose of your U.S. trip
  • Criminal/court documents reference any arrest or conviction, regardless of whether the term was served or the individual was later pardoned
  • Invitation letter

Depending on your travel goal, you should also consider carrying the following:

Working Adults

Bring a letter of employment from your company and pay stubs from the past three months.

Entrepreneurs and Company Executives

Bring evidence of your firm position and compensation and an invitation letter(s) from USA Clients

Visiting a Relative

Carry copies of your relative’s immigration documents like a Green Card, naturalization certificate, valid visa, etc.

Former travelers to the United States

If you have lived in the USA, provide evidence of your immigration or visa status.

Documentation Required for Applicants Seeking Medical Care

Apart from the documents stated above if you desire to travel to the United States for health reasons, you will need to provide additional documents:

A medical diagnostic from a physician in your home country describing the nature of your illness and the reason you require treatment in the United States.

A letter from a physician or medical facility in the United States stating their willingness to treat this specific ailment and giving the estimated length and cost of therapy (including all medical bills).

A financial responsibility declaration from the individuals or organization covering your transportation, medical, and living expenses. The individuals guaranteeing payment of these charges must produce evidence of their financial capability, typically in the form of bank or other income/savings statements or certified copies of income tax returns.

A B1 or B2 visa should normally be applied for by those whose primary reason for traveling to the United States is for medical treatment or evaluation. Please give the consular office all of the necessary information for the adjudication of his/her visa:

A medical report describing the nature of the medical ailment and the availability of therapy in the home country.

A declaration on official letterhead or hospital letterhead from a licensed American physician describing:

  • Physician’s diagnosis of the medical condition
  • The treatment necessary
  • The total price of the treatment
  • The scheduled date

Documents demonstrating the applicant’s ability to pay for care (bank statements or an affidavit of support from abroad).

Providing sufficient information regarding the medical condition and its anticipated treatment, getting a visa is not guaranteed. All visa applicants, even those seeking medical treatment in the United States, must demonstrate that they do not intend to immigrate.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the B1 and B2 Visas?

A B1-B2 visa for USA is for short-term visits. A B1 visa is for business travelers, it is the “Business Visitor Visa”. The B2 Visa is the “Tourist Visa”, and is provided to individuals who intend to travel to the United States for tourism. The visa stamp in your passport will read the visa category as B1-B2.

What is the distinction between a B1 visa and a B2 visa?

B1 visas are provided for temporary business purposes. B2 visas are provided for tourism and/or other non-commercial activities. The US embassy grants both of these Visas as a single stamp in the passport reading B1-B2 Visa.

What is a B2 Visa?

B2 is for individuals who seek to enter the nation for tourism purposes.

What to do if a B1-B2 visa application was rejected in the past?

Application for a B1-B2 visa for USA past rejection? You need to complete the application process again. To get a visa ensure better preparation for the visa interview and supporting documents.

What is the Visa waiver program (VWP)?

The Visa Waiver Program (VWP) allows most citizens or nationals of participating countries (VWP countries) to travel to the United States for tourism or business for durations of up to 90 days without a visa. To get entry to the USA, citizens/nationals of these countries must obtain a valid Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) permission and comply with applicable conditions.

Are Indian citizens/nationals eligible for the Visa Waiver Program?

India is not on the list of VWP countries. Indian nationals are not eligible to participate in the Visa Waiver Program.


Always look for the latest updates on the process and requirements including the supporting documents needed to apply and the wait time for interview appointments.

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