US Visitor Visa Interview Questions- B1/B2 Visa

US Tourist Visa Interview Questions
US Tourist Visa Interview Questions

You need to attend a visa interview before your B1 B2 visa is granted you must have a fair idea of the interview questions that may be asked in your US tourist visa interview questions.

Preparation goes a long way in building much-needed confidence and makes you aware of the questions that may be asked in your US tourist visa interview at a US Embassy.

This is very useful for parents’ visitor visas.

Once aware you are much more prepared to answer the consular officer’s questions with confidence.

The US visitor visa interview is an important part of the visa application process for the US B1/B2 visa, eat something before going to the appointment center as it may take a little longer than expected.

There are several US Visa Types and a B1 B2 Visa is a visitor visa for people visiting the USA on business or tourism.

This guide gives you a list of the most common B1 B2 visa interview questions.

Who Needs To Apply For A US Visa

Those who wish to plan on visiting the US:

  • For Business Purpose (B1)
  • For Tourism Purpose (B2)
B1/B2 Visa Examples
U.S. B1/B2 Visa Examples

Countries under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) are exempted but need to apply online for an Electronic Travel Authorization.

Note: Those qualifying for an Electronic System for Travel Authorization do not need to attend an interview.

Applicants applying for a US visa aged 14 to 79 need to attend an in-person interview at the US embassy or consulate in their country.

Apply for a B-1/B-2 Visa

What To Expect At The Travel Visa Interview?

After filing your tourist visa application (Form DS-160) the next step is scheduling your visa interview.

You can go to pay the Machine Readable Visa (MRV) application fee and schedule your interview.

Wait times for visa appointments vary by country, but generally, there are 2 to 3 weeks to prepare for the interview once it is scheduled.

Apply for a B-1/B-2 Visa

How To Pass The US Tourist Visa Interview?

To pass the US tourist visa interview, it’s important to be well prepared. Here are some key steps to help you succeed:

  • Understand the purpose of your visit
  • Gather the required documents
  • Be honest and consistent
  • Be prepared to answer questions
  • Dress appropriately and be polite
  • Provide clear and concise answers

What Are The B1 B2 Visa Interview Questions?

The questions vary depending on and as per the officer taking the interview but generally, the officer asks about the purpose and duration of the trip. the consular office may ask questions specific to the visa category.

The main purpose of the consular officer is to ensure that your U.S. trip is a temporary visit to the U.S. and that you will return to your home country after your intended travel to the United States. The visa officer is interested in knowing about your ties to your family members and nation of origin.

When applying for a B1/B2 visa, applicants are typically asked a series of questions to assess their intentions and ties to their home country.

Tourist Visa Interview Questions And Answers
Tourist Visa Interview Questions And Answers

Examples Of B-2 Visa Interview Questions

Some of the common questions asked during a US visa interview may include:


Why do you want to travel to the USA?

Answer: For tourism and to visit my son/daughter, we want to visit places such as Niagara Falls, Chicago, and Detroit and would like to visit California las Vegas

What is the purpose of visiting the US?

Answer: In reply, you must state the reason for your visit. Be clear, straightforward, and to the point. state the exact reason for your visit if it’s for business purposes or to visit family and friends.

I am going to the U.S. to negotiate a business contract

Going to the U.S. to receive medical treatment

I am going on tourism purposes and will be sightseeing prominent tourist destinations like Niagara Falls etc.

I am going to the U.S. to visit my mother living with my brother in the U.S.

How long do you plan to stay in the U.S.?

Answer: You must state the exact number of days you plan to remain in the United States

Do you have relatives or friends currently in the US?

Answer: Yes/No Answer truthfully and provide names of your close relatives in the U.S. or friends currently in the U.S.

Don’t provide other details unless requested by the consular officer

What is the reason for traveling at this particular time?

Applicants traveling under a B2 visa must give strong reasons such as:

  • My relative/friend is free only during this time of the year
  • I can take a break from work only during this period
  • I am unable to take the required treatment in my home country for my worsened medical condition

Economic and social ties to home country

Are you going to return to your own country?

Say yes

How can you assure me that you will return to your home country?

Our other daughter/son and our grandchildren are here, All our relatives are here, and our elder mother is here who is partially dependent on us. We own (number of) flats/bungalows here. We have a large bank balance here. I also run a business here (A business name) . Show proof of all of these to strengthen what you have said

Why do you plan to stay so long, can you stay shorter?

Respond with your reason for stay and provide a comprehensive explanation as to why you will be residing for so long

How much does your son/daughter earn per year?

To support this show financial documents such as:

  • Employment letter
  • Pay Stubs
  • Income tax return

May I have the contact details of your Son/Daughter?

Memorize it and provide it when asked, making sure it is the same as mentioned on the visa document

How will you be financing your trip? Who is your sponsor?

Explain how you plan on funding your trip. provide your bank statements if you are paying for your trip.

Give financial details of your relatives living in the U.S. If any of your relatives is sponsoring your trip.

Have you booked your tickets?


Have you been to the U.S. before?

Answer with a simple yes or no

if you have been to the U.S. before give brief details including the reason for your visit such as medical reasons, or tourism.

Be honest answer honestly, and tell the officer even if you had overstayed past your visa validity as all the information is already available with the authorities.

When you last visited the U.S. was your stay extended?

If your stay was extended you will have to provide the visa officer with your extension approval letter

How many children do you have?

Answer accordingly, Stress on the children you have in your home country and mention the grandchildren if you have them.

How much pension do you get?

Answer truthfully and correctly, (e.g. Rs 21,500 per month or whatever the actual amount)

Show the pension book

What are your plans after the visa expires?

Answer in a convincing way to the consular officer that you plan to return to your home country or country of residence before the visa expires

What is your Annual income?

Answer truthfully, and show proof such as a salary slip, paystub, annual income tax return, etc.

Have you bought your Airline tickets?

I will buy, and our son/daughter will buy (once we get the visa)

B2 Visa Supporting Documents

B1/B2 Visa Documents
Visa Supporting Documents

Take the following supporting documents along with you to the interview

  • Print out of confirmation page from your DS-160 Form
  • Your valid passport (Valid for at least 6 months past the period of stay in the U.S.)
  • Digital Photographs
  • Details of your travel plan and accommodation (air tickets, and hotel booking if applicable)
  • Details of any visits to the U.S. in the past five years
  • Other documents depending on your circumstances

How Long Is The US Visa Process?

Processing can take between 2 to 8 weeks depending on the case and the US embassy

How long Does A B2 Interview Last?

Usually, a B2 interview is brief and generally lasts around 10 to 15 minutes.

B2 visa applicants have to attend the interview at the embassy or consulate where the visa application was filed.

What Is The U.S. B1/B2 Visa?

The American B1/B2 visa is a physical visa set in one of the pages of your passport. It is a very popular visa this visa type is intended for people who want to go to the United States for tourism and business purposes.

It is a multiple-entry visa valid for 10 years, you can stay in the U.S. for a maximum of 180 days per entry.

Since B1/B2 visa is a nonimmigrant visa, you have to prove nonimmigrant intent to the U.S. government. You need to show that you will leave the country upon expiration of your visa and that you have no intent to immigrate permanently to the U.S.

As a visa applicant, you must establish that you will use the travel visa properly. If you cannot establish that you will use the visa for its intended purpose, you may be denied a visa by the consular officer. This is why the visa interview is an important step

Adult applicants can submit a non-immigration visa application and avail of a 10-year, multiple entry to the United States. The visas that can be applied for include:

  • B1 Visa (for business)
  • B2 Visa (for tourism)

These visas can be availed together as a B1/B2 visa.

A B1 visa can be used for a variety of business-related activities such as training, meetings, and business negotiations or, attending a conference.

Similarly, a B2 visa is not limited to individuals for tourism purposes only. A B2 visa can also be used for travel related to seeking medical treatments or other personal reasons like meeting a family member in the USA.

Do You Have Visitor Medical Insurance?

Visitors Insurance for the USA
Visitor Insurance for the USA

Medical costs are high in the U.S. Don’t forget to get travel insurance to avoid unexpected expenses during your visit to the U.S.

Some of the popular travel insurance plans for parents visiting the USA are:

  1. Patriot America Plus
  2. Atlas America
  3. Safe Travels USA Comprehensive
  4. Visitor Secure

Note that visitor medical insurance is not mandatory to visit the USA but it can be helpful to avoid unforeseen medical expenses. Compare Travel Insurance Plans.

Bon Voyage!