Costco Travel Medical Insurance

Guide to Costco Travel Insurance
Guide to Costco Travel Insurance

Costco is a household name in the world of multibillion-dollar global wholesale retailers.

If you are holding a Costco Membership, you may be enjoying some of the best deals for your household needs like groceries and other purchases. But did you know, since 2000, Costco has been offering travel deals?

Costco Travel can get you the best deals when booking reliable flights, hotels, cruises, or car rentals. In short, Costco Travel can help you be vacation ready.

However, as with any travel, there are always some unforeseen risks. It can be flight cancellation, trip delays, baggage loss, or medical emergencies. Unfortunately, when such incidents happen, the expenses incurred during the trip can add up quickly and jeopardize your whole trip.

To protect from such unavoidable but unwanted expenses during your trip, purchasing travel insurance is highly recommended.

Although you can get incredible deals on your travel through Costco Travel, what about your Travel Insurance? Does Costco Travel offer Travel Insurance? Let’s find out.

Costco Travel Insurance
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Does Costco Travel Offer Travel Insurance?

The short answer is Costco Travel does not sell travel insurance. However, travel insurance can be purchased when booking with Costco Travel through their partner Zurich, an insurance company.

You can still buy Zurich travel insurance even if you didn’t make any reservation through Costco Travel. However, when you book with Costco Travel, you will receive Costco member-preferred rates on Zurich products and services.

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  • Any travel-related product or services are not dependent upon the purchase of this product.
  • For the time being, the plans are not available to residents of New York.

How to Purchase Zurich Travel Insurance via Costco Travel?

When you make a reservation through Costco Travel, you can purchase Zurich travel insurance up to 10 days before departure after making the initial trip payment.

Please Note: To qualify for the waiver of pre-existing medical condition exclusion, you must purchase the protection plan within 21 days from the time you make your initial trip payment. The insurance policy specifies all of the coverage’s specific terms and conditions, including any limitations and exclusions.

What is covered under Zurich Travel Insurance?

Zurich Travel Insurance covers the following:

  • Travel Assistance
  • Trip Cancellation
  • Trip Interruption
  • Travel Delay
  • Baggage Loss or Delay
  • Emergency Medical Expenses (including COVID-19-related expenses)
  • Emergency Dental Benefit
  • Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation
  • Common Carrier AD&D
  • Rental Car Damage (due to an accidental collision, theft, vandalism, and more)
  • Waiver for Pre-Existing Medical Condition Exclusion

Travel Insurance Benefits exclusively for trips booked via Costco Travel

In addition to the list of travel insurance benefits we’ve listed above under Zurich travel insurance coverage, the following benefits are available only if you purchase travel insurance through Costco Travel.

Trip Cancellation

When a trip is canceled for a covered reason, your non-refundable prepaid trip costs can be reimbursed by the plan.

Baggage Coverage

Provide coverage for baggage loss, damage, or theft and for baggage delay of 12 hours or more.

Emergency Benefits

Cover expenses for a medical emergency and dental treatment, emergency evacuation, and repatriation.

Drawbacks Of Costco Travel Insurance

  • Travel Medical Insurance is limited for international travel (Outside the U.S.)
  • Costly for senior travelers
  • Only recommended for young healthy individuals for domestic travels
  • No option for Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) and other upgrades
  • Limited coverage
  • Lacks customization
  • One insurance option only

How Does Costco Travel Work?

Similar to a travel agency, Costco Travel allows you to book vacation packages online, including flights, rental cars, cruises, and all-inclusive vacations, while also helping you find some of the best travel deals.

On their website, you can select the travel service of your choice. Fill in your dates, destination, and departure location, and click search to find your vacation. After choosing the preferred package, flight, or car rental, go through the details and finalize your trip.

To book a reservation, you don’t have to register for a Costco Travel account. However, we recommend that you register for one to update or cancel reservations, make payments, read, print, or email your itinerary.

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Who can book Costco Travel?

Costco Travel is a service available to Costco members only. You can make travel reservations at any membership level.

Costco offers two membership options:

  • Gold Star Membership
  • Executive Membership

These memberships have different fees and benefits. The fees are $60 and &120 for Gold Star and Executive respectively. The executive is the premium version and the members have access to extra perks such as 2% cash back on eligible Costco purchases, including bookings with Costco Travel.

Services Offered by Costco Travel

  • Vacation Packages: Costco offers travel bundles that include everything from flights and hotels to rental cars, or all three. While Costco Travel does not offer individual flight bookings, their all-inclusive trips and travel bundles often include airfare unless you choose a bundle without airfare.
  • Hotels: Covers a wide range of hotels and resorts. You can search for and book a hotel room on Costco Travel’s website by using the hotel booking option. To book a reservation, just pick a hotel, sign in, and enter your travel dates.
  • Cruises: Costco Cruise offers bookings from several different cruise lines with a variety of destinations. You can look up cruises, narrow down your choices, customize them, and complete the booking process all at once on their website.
  • Car Rentals: Costco Travel offers a simple way to look for rental cars, and compare prices and vehicle options. Costco Travel offers deals from the following car rental companies:
    • Alamo
    • Avis
    • Budget
    • Enterprise
  • All-Inclusive Resorts: Include all kinds of resorts in popular destinations
  • Theme Parks: Include famous theme parks like Walt Disney World and Universal
Costco Travel Advantages
Costco Travel Advantages

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy trip insurance from a company other than Zurich travel insurance if I purchased my vacation package from Costco Travel?

Yes. Travel Insurance can be purchased from any travel insurance provider. You don’t need to purchase from any specific provider only. Comparing the plans provided by Costco’s travel insurance service and those of other service providers will get you the best offer. Always get a no-obligation travel insurance quote, compare plans, read the policy document, and then purchase after fully understanding the plan, what it covers, and how much it will cost.

Can I add rental car insurance to my reservation?

Yes. When it comes to rental car insurance, you have multiple options.

Option 1: Rental Car Company Insurance

You can purchase optional insurance through the rental car company. For detailed information, please contact the rental company directly.

Option 2: Zurich Travel Insurance 

Get Costco member-preferred rates via Zurich travel insurance

Option 3: Credit Card Coverage

Credit card companies sometimes offer rental car insurance as a cardholder perk. For example Costco Anywhere Visa Card By Citi. Check the terms and conditions of your credit card to confirm if this option is available.

Option 4: Auto Insurance Coverage

You can check your auto insurance policy or contact your service provider to see if the rental car is covered by the policy.

What can I do if I need to cancel my vacation due to an emergency?

Follow the steps for the general cancellation procedure:

  • Standard cancellation policies, you can check the Terms and Conditions on your Costco Travel itinerary. (Note from Costco Travel: Their vendors have very strict refund policies and generally make no exceptions.)
  • Contact your provider to ask about coverage
  • If you did not buy travel insurance, contact your credit card company to see if travel insurance is part of the vacation purchase
  • Lastly, you can speak with a Costco Travel expert

For details related to COVID-19 cancellations, you can refer to policy details

Will buying a Costco travel insurance policy be beneficial when my parents arrive in the US?

Medical insurance is required for parents who are visiting the USA for a brief period. Their domestic health insurance plan from their country of residence might not provide coverage in the USA. 

Costco travel insurance is provided by Cover-More Inc, a subsidiary of Zurich. It is designed for USA residents who are traveling.

There are better travel medical insurances for senior travelers to the USA. It is best to compare to plans that meet your insurance requirements.


Costco Travel is a reliable and convenient travel booking site that offers several travel options.

Indeed, only Costco members are eligible for travel discounts. Yet, when you consider the savings you’ll receive, purchasing a Costco membership is undoubtedly worthwhile.

If you are a US resident looking for Trip Insurance Protection while traveling within the US then the plans offered via Costco tie-up with Zurich Travel Insurance might be worth it.

Pre-Existing Medical Condition Waiver, adequate Medical Evacuation coverage, and adequate Trip Interruption protection are all features of Costco Travel Insurance. Unfortunately, for senior travelers, it offers little value for the money because of the high cost and limited coverage than other retail travel insurance plans.

If you have a AAA Membership there could be other suitable options available with AAA Travel Insurance.

If you’re looking for travel medical insurance for those coming into the USA, it is better to look at other providers. Read more about the policies offered by specialized US travel insurance companies for US visitors.

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